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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Into the offensive zone
Hockey is back, and we are very excited. So excited, in fact, that we thought it would be a great time to start a new blog. But there's Hockey Rumours, and Hockey Pundits, and the Battle of Alberta, and all other kinds of hockey weblogs already in existence. So what's the point here? We are Canadian boys who have invested significant portions of our lives into the greatest game on earth, and we feel that we have something to contribute to the vast volume of hockey talk already happening on the great wide interweb. Our goal is not to report the news, or to analyze updates, or to dissect trade rumours. Our goal is to give our opinions on what will make hockey a better game overall. There is so much debate and so many possibilities that need to be discussed fully and openly. Some pundits are doing that, which is great. What we are hoping to do is to take in what is being shared out there, to analyze it, and to concoct our own ideas based on our own knowledge and the collective knowledge of the game. In essence, we want to give the prescriptions that we believe will help fix the game. We may focus on many different areas: league administration, the players' association, the rules, or sometimes even a specific team. But be assured that wherever there is an opinion to be opinionated about deciding what is best for the game of hockey, we'll do our best to weigh in. And hopefully, we will be an "offensive" team and create some good discussion here at Hockey Docs.

Derek out.

Hockey Docs, 11:26 p.m.


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